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Fastcare improves patient care, wound documentation, reporting, and order handling. And reduces costs.

For nursing home residents with wounds, documentation and feedback are critically important. With the proper documentation, you can track the progress of wounds, and adjust treatments to ensure optimal healing.

Fastcare also provides easy compliance with federally-mandated wound documentation, hyper-efficient order handling, and optional wound imaging.  Working with the Gentell team of Wound Education Specialists, Fastcare delivers timely wound expertise to improve recovery rates, reduce your wound ratio and lower your overall cost of operation.

With the Gentell team of Wound Education Specialists, Fastcare delivers timely wound expertise to improve recovery rates, reduce your wound ratio and lower your overall cost of operation.

Here’s how Fastcare works:

  • Your staff conducts weekly wound evaluations with the Fastcare F-314 compliant form on a wireless Fastcare tablet.
  • Encrypted data are sent via WiFi or 4G network to secure Fastcare servers for archiving and reporting.
  • Gentell Wound Education Specialists consult on monthly treatments.
  • For Part A, Fastcare tracks wound capitation programs and reduces inventory costs.
  • For wounds covered by insurance, Gentell ships wound care products to the facility and bills the carrier.
  • Fastcare provides facility-wide wound log reports and QAPI reports, plus PUSH scores and trend reports for individual wounds.

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection

Gentell’s published HIPAA policy is accredited by The Compliance Team, and Fastcare meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements for electronic systems including authentication, encryption, data integrity, access control, audit control and transmission security.  Fastcare data resides on virtual servers in the Digital Ocean Server Farm in New York, New York. The servers are in a physically secure location with limited accesss by a secure, validated link. Fastcare performs regular backups, and the backups are stored in Atlanta, Ga for safety and redundancy.  More info on data protection

Gentell makes better products, too

An early leader in Hydrogel, Gentell developed a complete line of superior wound and skin care products by listening closely to patients and nurses.

Capitation Plans & Insurance Billing

Gentell’s wound and skin care capitation programs can lower your operating costs and bring certainty to your wound care budget line. We can even handle all your Medicare and other insurance billing.

Gentell – making it better since 1994

A Tier 1, American manufacturer, Gentell has been making better products to manage wounds since 1994.  Our 35,000 square foot plant in Bristol, PA  ships to distributors and medical customers world-wide. Fastcare orders efficiently route your orders to our wound care partners wherever you operate. For a more innovative and flexible approach to wound care, try Gentell Fastcare today.

fastcare demo video

Fastcare video demo

This 2-minute demo is an unedited demo of Gentell’s Fastcare Wound System operating on a live Internet connection. See in two minutes why Fastcare is the future of wound care. Gentell also provides a longer video that showcases many finer points of the service for training purposes.

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