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Information Regarding Gentell’s Voluntary Recall of Shield & Protect AF

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Gentell leads the wound care industry in new product development and innovative cost-containment (capitation) programs for hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies

Our singular goal is to help patients heal as quickly and naturally as possible. Gentell manufactures a complete line of wound management and skin protection products such as Hydrogel (in gel tubes, impregnated gauze pads or in gel tubes with Silver), Dermal Wound Cleansers, Collagen, Honey Gauze, Vitamin A&D+E Ointment, Zinc Oxide, Xeroform, Silicone Foam, Petrolatum Dressing, Dermatell Hydrocolloid Dressings, LoProfile Foam Dressings, Comfortell Specialty Absorptive Dressings and Bordered Gauzes. In addition, Gentell manufactures skin protection products such as Shield & Protect Moisture Barrier Cream, Shield & Protect Antifungal, SuperMax, Liquid Clean, Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser and Ease Odor Eliminator.

Gentell’s Fastcare Wound Reporting System

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